There are 7 tiles in the middle. Every tile has different difficulty that is shown on top of it. When you pick a tile a question with the appropriate difficulty is being shown to the player. When answered correctly you get 7 new tiles.

Every 3 correctly answered answers you go up 1 stage. When you go higher up the stages the questions with difficulty 5 appear more and more often. There is no maximum stage but the maximum difficulty increase is stage 10 at the moment. That means when you are at stage 10 and above the likely chance to have most or all of your tiles to be with maximum difficulty of 5 is almost certain.

When you go up a stage, every time you receive a reward. (+5 Coins) and a Lifeline you can use.

There are 6 types of lifelines. 3 of them you can use ONLY before choosing a tile and the other 3 after choosing a tile.

Before tile is chosen:

Reroll tiles – This lifeline rerolls all the tiles on the screen but not only that, there are also different variants of it. Depending on how many starts the specific lifeline has the better it is. For example if you are stage 5 and you have “Reroll tiles” lifeline which has only 1 start. It rerolls the tiles based on your stage “5”. If you use “Reroll tiles” lifeline with 2 stars. It rerolls the tiles but with –1 stage. So you still are playing stage 5, but the tiles are generated based on stage 4. The minimum is stage 1 so you can’t go lower that that.

Reveal Question – When the lifeline is used it reveals part of the question from a random tile. The different stars represent how many tiles will be revealed. For example “Reveal Question” with 2 stars will reveal part of the question for 2 random tiles. Max stars reveals all the tiles. If the tile has a revealed question it is indicated with icon in top of it, by selecting the tile after that the partly revealed question is displayed.

Reveal Tags – Works the same way as reveal questions but if there are no tags available for the specific tile will display “no tags available”

When inside a question: (These types of lifelines are way more rarer than the ones outside of it. Around 1 of every 10). Those type of lifelines have no stars

50/50 - It removes 2 random answers. It cannot be used on questions that are of type “TRUE/FALSE”.

Ask the public – Algorithm generates the possible public outcome. It is set up so it has better percentage to take you to the right answer, but you can never fully trust the public.

Times chosen – It is similar to “Ask the public” but it displays how many times a specific answer has been chosen before to trust the players that have played before or trust your knowledge is all up to you.

All of the lifelines can be used at the same time. Multiple lifelines of the same type do not affect the previous outcome. For example choosing reveal part of the question on all tiles, and then using the same lifeline again won’t reveal different part of the same question.

When you are inside a question you have “Timer” in the middle which displays your current “TOTAL” time. The time only runs when you are inside a question, so you can take your time to choose what tile you want to pick, but after you are in the timer starts running again. The time is important for the leaderboards that every player will be added in the future. Currently we have leaderboards only for multiplayer but will be adding leaderboards for single player as well in some of the next releases.

Players can get lifelines during the game when inside a question or before picking it by clicking at the “red button” which will display them an add and after it will reward them with a random lifeline. There is no limit to how many lifelines you can get.

If the answer you give is incorrect the Game Over screen appears with stats from your game.

It shows you:

  • How many answers you have answered

  • How many lifelines you have used

  • How much time it took you

  • How many times you have used “Revive”

  • How many multi choice answers you have answered

  • How many TRUE/FALSE answers you have answered

Home – takes you to the Home screen and you can start a new game

Share – shares a screen with the stats to your facebook

Continue – If you want to continue playing your game, you can watch an AD and will be “REVIVED” with new set of tiles you can choose from continuing from the stage you “DIED”

You can check the stats from previous game inside the “History” screen you can enter from the “Home Screen”. The same dialog will appear for any of the previous games you pick.

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