There is Message system in the game. If the user has any unread messages it will show as green indicator and the number of messages he didn't "read".
There are 2 types of messages
  1. 1.
    Message with coins reward
  2. 2.
    Message only with text
Coins are based on the level. If you send 200 coins to everyone, people that are rank A will receive 200.A and if they are rank B will receive 200.B
Currently because there is no admin panel, the only place you can send coins is from the database itself.
If you go to the phpmyadmin -> click on messages table -> Insert
type id values
type value id values
date added is also a required field because currently the user can only see messages that are in the past 7 days. Later messages won't appear. It's like that to prevent stacking too many messages.