This section will show you how to use the admin panel plugin and what it includes


The system is created to work with multiple languages, everything that is included like: Categories, Sub Categories, Tags, Questions can have multiple languages. The only way to add language is from database currently.

Go to the database - languages table you will see there are currently 2 languages. English and Bulgarian

Every new language you add will have new fields added for it when creating Questions/Categories/Tags etc..

English is the main language, you need to have that one so don't delete it. English is always required when creating/editing questions/categories/tags etc..



We have a filter that can help us sort our questions if needed. If you want to use the filter "Use Filter" needs to be green. You can filter by "Is Active" "Is Language Active" "Difficulty" "Category".

Questions List

The list of questions contains (Question, Type, Category, Difficulty, Created Date, Updated Date, Active, Edit/Delete)

We can change the Active status for our questions from here so we don't have to enter each question if we want to disable/enable. Clicking on Delete doesn't delete it instantly it asks you first to confirm.

Add/Edit Questions

English question is always required.

Is Question Lang Active : we can hide/show the question only for a specific language if we want. If we have Is Question Lang Active for English on Yes and Is Question Lang Active for Bulgarian on No only the English version will be available in game.

  • Tags - Autocomplete dropdown (it get's data from our tags)

  • Sub Categories - Autocomplete dropdown (it get's data from our sub categories)

  • Category

  • Type - Two types (Multi answers and Only 2 answers like (YES/NO, TRUE/FALSE))

  • Difficulty

  • Only For Language - The game runs on multiple languages and if you are playing multiplayer and your langauge is English and the other person is Bulgarian then if this option is set to ALL then this particular question can be available from the pool of questions for your game, if the option is set to bg then it means that this question is specific for the bg language so it won't be added to the pool of questions for the current game. On the other hand if 3 people who are playing the multiplayer have the same type of language set only questions that are marked as (ALL, the particulary language) will be able to show in that game. This way we make sure that the players have fair play so language specific questions won't show for people who are not using it). In similar matter if changed this can be turned to country specific instead of language speciifc.

When we have Multi selected our answer fields display like this:

The first field is always for English and it's required like everywhere else. If more languages are added more fields will appear.

If we pick TRUE/FALSE only 2 answers will appear

Once a question is created you cannot switch back from TRUE/FALSE or MULTI. This is made on purpose so we don't mess with the question structure after it has been added.

  • Is Number - If our answers are ONLY numbers we check this field. One of the in game features is to write a number as an answer and see who is fastest. In order to know which question has answers that are only numbers we use this field.

  • Is Decimal - This field might be used in similar way as In Number but currently is not used in game so you can skip it

  • Is Year - We have a separate field for a year. This is ONLY for year without months, days etc.. (this 01/01/1990 is incorrect, the correct will be only 1990). There are different fields because of the (Min/Max Values)

  • Is Question Active - We have language specific Is Question Active, but this one here is global, so if we disable here all the languages will be disabled.

  • Min Value / Max Value - These fields are used as pointers when we are playing against bots. In order to create "smarter" bots we need to give them some data how to answer the questions. So if we have an answer that the correct number will be "10" we need to tell the bots that they should write (Min Value : 1, Max Value: 20) so this way they will pick between 1 and 20. This is only in case we have "Is Number" set as YES. Now here is why we have different types, if we have Is Year set as YES then we can set Min Value as some year it doesn't matter what it is and Max Value can either be year or it can be left empty, if it's left empty it will take the current year always this way you don't have to edit the question when time passes if you want the current year to always be max value.

Categories/Tags/Sub categories

All of them are similar to each other. For example let's see the Categories:

In the list of categories we can see the "Name, Edit" and we can search by name

2 Fields are required here: our "slug" and the English language name. Everything below are fields for different languages.

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