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Two types of login - Guest & Facebook – Guest login works only on Android devices.

It also works for PC and IOS but there might be problems with the generated ID. It might be duplicated in some rare cases.


The top bar is consistent for all the scenes without the LOGIN one. Includes:

  • Current amount of coins that you have

  • TICKETS button

  • Important information

  • Settings

In Settings you can turn ON/OFF the sound of the game (there are very few sounds but the functionality for adding them is there). Show/Hide Level up dialog. We all know that there are people that like to spin on the max bet they can that’s why there is such a button if you can level up so often that you don’t want to see the dialog you can just turn it off.

The bottom ribbon is consistent for all the scenes within the slot machines and includes:

  • Spin/Stop Button

  • Auto Spin/Stop Button

  • Plus/Minus bet Button

  • Max Bet Button

  • Pay table – calculated based on your current bet

The Multiplayer European Style Roulette includes:

  • Screen for placing bets

  • Result screen

  • Plus/Minus bet Button

  • Timer indicating the state of the game

  • Section showing your bet/bets

  • Section showing the top bets of all plyers playing.

  • Pay table – calculated based on your current bet

  • Place Bet button to apply current bet

  • Clear Bet button – to delete bets

  • Send Bet – to confirm all of the place bets for the nextspin

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