On the “Home” screen you will see Multiplayer option with “Find game” button. If you have previous game that you have disconnected before it completed or something happened instead of “Find game” there will be a button “Reconnect” if a game is found by clicking reconnect you will enter it if not you will be returned to the home screen.

By clicking “Find game” it will start searching for a game. After a certain time, it’s currently 10-15 seconds if the game is not found or it finds only 1 player, it will start the game with 2 or 1 bots, depending if there is an opponent at that time and of course if there are more players that are queue-ing at that time the game will start with 3 players in it and no bots.

At the start of every game all the players are assigned with a random “color” and “set of tiles”. Every color represents different “tile sets” currently there are 3.

Top green bar which shows how much time you have left. This is shown in couple of places, during the time when you have to pick an answer, when you need to select a tile. Or while waiting for event to complete.

Left side shows 3 panels for each player that contains:

  • Player Name

  • Player Attack – When you attack a tile and if you answer correctly this is how much damage you do to that tile.

  • Player life – every tile starts with 3 life, this shows the total lifes of all the tiles combined.

Below the 3 panels there are circles that display which player turn it is, next/previous player and how do the board turn rotates (currently it’s always left to right clockwise but in the future there will be an option to change the rotation).

The game consists of 12 rounds. Every round a different “tile” is in play. The rotation is clockwise. Currently every player starts with 2 tiles so in 12 rounds every tile has the chance to attack twice. The starting life of all the tiles is 3. If you have 2 attack and attack a tile tha is with 3 lifes and win the tile life becomes 1, if you attack that same tile again and win you conquer that tile and it will have life of “1”. What’s important to note here is that tile “lifes” are not only about how many times it can be attacked before someone takes it from you or the other way around it also represents what difficulty the question that will be generated will be. If you attack a tile with 5 lifes it will generate a question with difficulty 5. If you attack with 1 life it will generate with difficulty 1.

As mentioned above every time will be in play twice from those 12 rounds. So if a player conqueres a tile or another one looses a tile, that means that when that tile’s turn comes to play the new owner of that tile will be the one to attack, which gives you more turns than your opponents.

Another option you have is to attack the middle tile.

Every time you start a new game, there will be 4 randomly generated options that will be displayed in the middle tile. Currently total pool of options is 6 but in the future there will be more.

When attacking the middle tile it means that all of the players will be answering the question even you. Every choice has different outcomes as shown above. This is the only place also where you can choose if you want the generated question to be answered with entering numbers or by choosing answers.

If you are answering a question with “Numbers” than the result will be displayed in a different way than the “Pick” one. The placement is based on how close you are to a specific answer and how fast you have answered. So if you have the same answer, the fastest will be first.

The middle tile affects all the tiles in game. So be careful what you choose. The pool of options currently is:

  • Increase Lifes

  • Decrease Lifes

  • Increase Damage

These options are available in 2 ways, answering with Number or answering by choosing.

In a game where you won’t loose any of your tiles as mention you should have 4 rounds that you can attack out of 12. The middle tile is made in a way that you can attack it only twice per game. So that means you can’t use all your turns to attack the middle tile and you have to pick carefully how you want to play that game. There is indicator on top of the middle tile how many times you have left to attack it.

The midde tile difficulty is not determined like the other tiles. It’s currently always with a max difficulty.

As seen in the images above under the answers, when you attack a tile, doesn’t matter which one. It will display who attacks who. Or in case it’s the middle tile it will display who attacked the middle tile with indication to what option was chosen and who is defending.

When you want to attack a tile there will be indicator which ones you can attack and which can’t. The same indicator will be there if it’s not your turn. If you can attack a specific tile also, attack button will appear on the right side.

After the 12 rounds are over the total amount of lifes represent what place are you on. If you have the same number of lifes as someone, or all of you have the same. You will be placed in a 13th extra round that will be always with answering a question with “Numbers”

The sword indicator displays if there will be a Tie breaker.

When the game ends. A screen is shown with how many MMR everyone has earned and how many coins. If you are in 1st or 2nd place you can also watch and AD that will double your earned coins.

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