Ranking System

Our ranking system consists of 2 types of ranks. There currently are 21 major ranks. Each major rank consists of 76 minor ranks. You can see your ranks displayed at the top left corner above the experience. You start with Global rank “WOOD” and minor rank “A”. The minor rank is used as a type of currency. You can see it’s displayed next to the coins you have for example “1,000,000.A”.This ranking system aims to maintain the coins value and to remove the bet restriction so that users can have UNLIMITED bet from level 1. It is similar in methodology to how Idle games work where instead of the huge numbers beyond imagination you can have smaller and more meaningful one with jut an extension at the end. Every time you reach a point where the smaller rank is at “ZZZ” it resets to “A” and you gain a global rank. In order to make larger numbers even more appealing every time you gain 100 levels you gain a minor rank upgrade and your currency changes. For example if you have “1,000,000,000.A” your currency becomes “10,000,000.B” and so on with each minor rank. Each additional letter resembles two zeroes so we can escape the visual clutter and retain the coins’ value.

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